As-much-service-as-you-need for the perfect video or photo case.
Creative Casting Location scouting Shooting Sound design Visual effects Motion graphics & CG
We are located in Moscow, Russia, and have presence all over the world. If you have a crazy idea, say, to shoot winter in the summer or film fire underwater, you are very welcome to our service. We are always proactive , and thanks to our professional and well-coordinated team and optimal logistics we can guarantee high quality and speed of implementation for every project.
PanteraFilms was founded in 2007.
All video production is divided into three domains.
Corporate Commercials TV content
image and video presentation branded content interactive advertising new media formats
Our staff is afast and furious team of professionals accurately performing their work. If you need us to write, film and edit your video, we will make it happen.
Tihon Bogatyrev
Tatiana Makarova
Alexey Barkhatov
General Producer
Sergey Smirnov
Rufina Sarvarova
Nina Boyraz
Creative Director
Galina Zyabkina
Producer assistant
Anton Kirillov
Technical Manager
Tatiana Duranina
Client service director
Alexey Doronin
Postproduction producer
Dmitry Rafikov
Producer assistant
Modern technologies offer new opportunities for communications. In collaboration with each project we strive to be the best partners.